I’ll blog at least once a week in 2011

“Real Artists Ship”. Steve Jobs may not be perfect, and no one is, but he’s right about that. I’ve been repeating that to myself, along with similar things like “a finished imperfect thing can be improved, an unfinished perfect thing is useless (especially if it exists only in my head)” and “a brilliant idea in head, worth $10, a simple idea well executed, worth $1,000,000,000.” (just picked up from http://workawesome.com/productivity/motivational-quotations/).

So, I’ll be trying to finish as much as possible – scripts, applications, websites, tutorials, and also blog posts. I’ve been thinking for a while about posting once a week, and then I read about the post a day/post a week challenge, and decided to join in. Why not?

A photograph taken in Nin, Croatia. It's a photo of the sea, calming, yet represents attachment (shows ship ropes).

2010 has been an interesting year.

After enriching my experience doing other things, I returned to programming. I wanted to learn it well, so I started from theory. I brushed up on algorithms and data structures, watched videos of lectures from MIT and Berkeley, read books, wrote code. I discovered Python, went to Pycon, was inspired, discovered JavaScript  and its good parts, and learned that what we were doing a couple of years ago can also be called AJAX, which helped me to better understand the HTTP request/response mechanism, I rediscovered PHP,  etc. I was learning tons, and managing my schedule, and being more and more organized, but at a certain point I discovered I had a hard time finishing. Things. Programs. Scripts. Going freelance and having a deadline again helped. But that’s not enough.

This is blog was meant to be one of the tools to help me be more efficient about finishing.

Publishing. Facing possible criticism. Learning from it. Moving on.

With one post a week, minimum, it’s going to be an even better tool for that.

I’ll share what I learn, snippets of code, scripts, thoughts, book reviews, experiences etc. Feedback is very welcome. Subscribe to the RSS feed if you’d like.

Let the post-at-least-once-a-week challenge begin:)


About apprenticecoder

My blog is about me learning to program, and trying to narrate it in interesting ways. I love to learn and to learn through creativity. For example I like computers, but even more I like to see what computers can do for people. That's why I find web programming and scripting especially exciting. I was born in Split, Croatia, went to college in Bologna, Italy and now live in Milan. I like reading, especially non-fiction (lately). I'd like to read more poetry. I find architecture inspiring. Museums as well. Some more then others. Interfaces. Lifestyle magazines with interesting points of view. Semantic web. Strolls in nature. The sea.
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2 Responses to I’ll blog at least once a week in 2011

  1. da says:

    Great news! I already liked your blog, and now knowing it’s gonna be updated so frequently is great news! I’m sorry I still haven’t had the time to leave comments to other articles, but I have read them and I’ll comment them, either here or IRL 😉
    Btw your idea to join postaweek2011 excited me so much that I have decided to do the same… let’s see if something good comes out from this commitment ;-P


  2. Thanks for your comment!
    That’s very encouraging. I see you joined the challenge, and I’m very much looking forward to reading one of your posts a week, be they papers or just few phrases long, I’m sure they’ll be interesting.
    I think that the method is – as soon as you’ve posted this week’s post, you should start writing the next week’s one. Even just jotting it down in a notebook or on a napkin.
    I’m just finishing my second post since I’ve signed up for the challenge, almost done. And studying Django.

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