Reboot, done. Me, back. Everything, ok. :D

Yes, I’m back to updating this blog weekly. At least. Exceptions apart, obviously :D. It’s been an interesting month, so I needed time to process. Done. I’ve actually remapped parts of my world view and tweaked points of view on many things, during this period, but that is another story and will be told another time. Maybe. πŸ˜€

It’s fun to see things differently. To keep seeing. Looking.

BTW I’ll be trying to limit the word count of my posts. Really. I always kind of suspected that it would be a good idea, but some very useful feedback (thanks!) has helped me see how important it is. Ok, I’ll try to be more concise.

In this very moment I am writing a post on ‘exhaustive enumeration’. Successive approximations. Iteration. Not only programming relies on those techniques, as you can see. πŸ˜€ I try, I make mistakes, I retry. I debug.

I learn.


About apprenticecoder

My blog is about me learning to program, and trying to narrate it in interesting ways. I love to learn and to learn through creativity. For example I like computers, but even more I like to see what computers can do for people. That's why I find web programming and scripting especially exciting. I was born in Split, Croatia, went to college in Bologna, Italy and now live in Milan. I like reading, especially non-fiction (lately). I'd like to read more poetry. I find architecture inspiring. Museums as well. Some more then others. Interfaces. Lifestyle magazines with interesting points of view. Semantic web. Strolls in nature. The sea.
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