5 things I love about Drupal

I’ve been wanting to let you all know that I have discovered Drupal, just haven’t been finding the time and the words. Today is not the right day, either, to write a proper Drupal post or a tutorial, but it is definitely the right moment that I introduce the argument. I’ve come across it during my current internship, and have been able to appreciate it both as a tool for creating web sites and as a learning experience that teaches you a lot about the web, if you feel like learning.

So, how can I sum this up? Why do I love Drupal? Here are five reasons that come to mind…

5) Drupal as an adventure game… very Monkey Island like… in a good way:D
4) Drupal as learning tool
3) Angie Byron is super inspiring
2) Drupal is kind of easy, yet very … configurable? Codable? Etc.
1) Drush command line tool, and interesting hopes it inspires

There is more then that, obviously, those are just the first five that come to mind. As always, click “Continue reading” for a few more details.

5) Drupal as an adventure game… very Monkey Island like… in a good way:D

I’m learning to love getting lost inside Drupal. Sometimes Drupal feels like the Monkey Island adventure game, including the idea that the only way to find the solution to a problem is to click everything until something works. But it must be me, and I get lost easily. Probably because I like the adventure that comes with trying out new paths. Either way, I might be risking a few things here and there, but I’m not risking boredom, with Drupal.

4) Drupal as learning tool

As I’ve already noted on the topic of web frameworks, studying an existing structure can teach one a lot. Building from scratch is great and all, but studying, adapting, modifying the work of other people can teach you a lot. This is especially true if that work is the work of whole communities, and studying it and using it becomes a way to inherit bits and pieces of their knowledge, with the hope to some day be able to add to it. I hope to be good enough and constant enough and industrious enough to manage that. If destiny doesn’t lead me in other directions, towards other communities… Who can tell…

3) Angie Byron is super inspiring

Watch the video. Read the interview with Angie Byron in the Linux Journal. I like her modesty. Her hard work and enthusiasm. I like the fact that she’s a woman, because being a woman in IT is not easy, and I often need inspiration to go on. I like how she lives, cultivates and explains open source community. The importance she gives to documentation. The fact she codes.

“I also can’t say for sure why Drupal attracts more women than other projects. I think in part it’s the nature of the project—Drupal is a project for building websites and there are lots of women involved in website design and development, moreso perhaps than kernel hacking. But I think there are important cultural reasons, too. The Drupal community has a strong meritocratic bent that elevates people who work hard, regardless of their background. As a result, we have women in a number of key positions in the community, including the board of the Drupal Association, leaders of the documentation team, and even core maintainers. ;)”

Yeah to that!

2) Drupal is kind of easy, yet very … configurable? Codable? Etc.

You can use Drupal to to put up a website almost easily and almost quickly, but you can also chose to live it much more actively contributing code and creating modules, or writing documentation, etc. I’m not quite that yet, but I like the spirit and find it inspiring. Who knows…

1) Drush command line tool, and interesting hopes it inspires

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ve noticed that I am not a great fan of having to click around a lot. I find it kind of repetitive. But Drush lets me at least to things like install and enable modules from the command line and bash scripts. I am going to be studying ways to automate Drupal management more and more, with bash scripts etc., and Drush is a great tool for that. There are many great tools that I need to study that provide these functionalities, but more about that in the future.

That’s all for now, more technical posts and tutorials are coming when I find the time and the concentration.

Remember to have fun learning. Every day. No excuses 😀


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My blog is about me learning to program, and trying to narrate it in interesting ways. I love to learn and to learn through creativity. For example I like computers, but even more I like to see what computers can do for people. That's why I find web programming and scripting especially exciting. I was born in Split, Croatia, went to college in Bologna, Italy and now live in Milan. I like reading, especially non-fiction (lately). I'd like to read more poetry. I find architecture inspiring. Museums as well. Some more then others. Interfaces. Lifestyle magazines with interesting points of view. Semantic web. Strolls in nature. The sea.
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