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My blog is about me learning to program, and trying to narrate it in interesting ways. I love to learn and to learn through creativity. For example I like computers, but even more I like to see what computers can do for people. That's why I find web programming and scripting especially exciting. I was born in Split, Croatia, went to college in Bologna, Italy and now live in Milan. I like reading, especially non-fiction (lately). I'd like to read more poetry. I find architecture inspiring. Museums as well. Some more then others. Interfaces. Lifestyle magazines with interesting points of view. Semantic web. Strolls in nature. The sea.

Better communication through introversion and solitude

I’m back. Sort of. I’ve been busy rediscovering introversion, silence and solitude. Some activities require them, like learning, coding, learning to code. I’m not going to discuss the paradox of coding as both a solitary and team/community activity, or get … Continue reading

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Behind the questionmark in a diamond – what I learned today about character encodings

I used to dread the days when I ran into a question mark, in a black diamond shape or not, in a middle of some text on a website or elsewhere, but now I find it fun. I feel like … Continue reading

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Model Thinking – models as the new Lingua Franca – notes from new online course by Scott E. Page

I’ve brought up the concept of models before. From the MIT online courses, I learned that programming is about mapping the world into something computational. I’ve had to do with models as part of the model-view-controller pattern in programming, and … Continue reading

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Living inside Moodle e-learning platform, source code and db structure

I’ve spent the last months of workdays inside the source code and db structure of Moodle, an interesting e-learning platform. My first impression was confusion. Some of the code is procedural, some is object-oriented, some global variables are used, and … Continue reading

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The Code is your Tutor, RTFSC

In a perfect world every apprentice would have a perfect tutor.  All the time. An apprentice would always be able to learn from great masters and journeymen under favorable conditions, they would have time and communicate well and learn from … Continue reading

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[LINUX NOTES] Take your shell with you everywhere – we all SCREEN for I SCREEN

This week I’ll improve my usage of screen and look up byobu too. Here are some reasons why. TABS IN THE COMMAND LINE Modern browsers have used us to the concept of tabs. Interactive web sites are full of tabs. … Continue reading

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Happy Mondays, or why we need to reboot regularly

I’ve had some long weekends and holidays lately and had to start over on Monday, or Tuesday which is not all that different, like today. I was surprised to find out that it is not as bad as I thought. … Continue reading

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