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Trees with nested sets, conditional SQL with the Case Statement, SQL beyond the very basics made easier

As Chad Fowler notesĀ  in his wonderful book “The Passionate Programmer”, the relationship between programmers and databases is not always the best one. Towards the end of chapter 7, “Be a Generalist”, he writes that: “software developers are growing increasingly … Continue reading

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The Pragmatic Life of a Passionate Programmer, the book

As I’ve written before, we all need maps. Especially in an ever changing field like IT. We also need encouragement, advice, and to know we are not alone in this mess. This Chad Fowler book, “The Passionate Programmer”, brings all … Continue reading

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Apprentice coder books: Apprenticeship Patterns, by Hoover and Oshineye, O’Reilly, 2009

You are not alone. What I mean is, if you are sometimes feeling lost and overwhelmed in the world of Computer Science, programming, web development and the alike, you are not the only one feeling that way. The problem is … Continue reading

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Spaghetti hacker part 1 – “An easy game is a contradiction in terms.”

I’ve just read “Spaghetti hacker”, a book by Stefano Chiccarelli and Andrea Monti, which tells many stories from the Italian hacking scene, from the early eighties (“1982: the death of flipper”) to 1997, the year the book came out. The … Continue reading

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