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Stanford classes: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Introduction to Databases, free, online

I’m about to take my e-learning to a new level – I enrolled in all three of the Stanford online classes: Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Introduction to Databases. It’s free, it’s serious – with tests and all, and it’s … Continue reading

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Algorithm basics – recognize patterns, avoid nested loops and divide and conquer often

Algorithms. Now there’s a huge topic. Where do you start? Good question. There is the theorym, the usual searching and the sorting, the math, the complication, the scary details to be precise about. So you start studying, memorizing, understanding, and … Continue reading

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Learning algorithms during lunch breaks for finding math in chaos :)

It’s never too late to learn algorithms, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s not going to happen overnight or over a single lunch break, but an hour here a weekend there and you might see progress. But where … Continue reading

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