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Stanford classes: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Introduction to Databases, free, online

I’m about to take my e-learning to a new level – I enrolled in all three of the Stanford online classes: Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Introduction to Databases. It’s free, it’s serious – with tests and all, and it’s … Continue reading

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EuroPython2011 – The Myth of the Genius Programmer

“I got my degree in engineer in the Open Source world, writing code that the other people ridiculed. They were really kind about it, but basically, I got tons and tons of feedback from really smart people, because I was … Continue reading

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The Pragmatic Life of a Passionate Programmer, the book

As I’ve written before, we all need maps. Especially in an ever changing field like IT. We also need encouragement, advice, and to know we are not alone in this mess. This Chad Fowler book, “The Passionate Programmer”, brings all … Continue reading

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Learning algorithms during lunch breaks for finding math in chaos :)

It’s never too late to learn algorithms, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s not going to happen overnight or over a single lunch break, but an hour here a weekend there and you might see progress. But where … Continue reading

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Diversity – what’s in it for you?

You don’t want to feel guilty. You have no time and energy to waste on that. Guilt isn’t fun. Which is why all kind of diversity talk fails when it is based on the game of people who feel excluded … Continue reading

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Programming is about Interfaces, and not just the graphical ones, EuroPython2011 post 1

If you program, you create interfaces. And I don’t just mean the graphical user ones. All software is broken up in functions, methods, modules, plugins, etc. All pieces of software are used by other pieces of software. Every programmer’s code … Continue reading

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Apprentice coder books: Apprenticeship Patterns, by Hoover and Oshineye, O’Reilly, 2009

You are not alone. What I mean is, if you are sometimes feeling lost and overwhelmed in the world of Computer Science, programming, web development and the alike, you are not the only one feeling that way. The problem is … Continue reading

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