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Beyond good enough, the more you study for the easy parts the better you’ll be at what’s difficult

Ok, I’m back. It’s been a busy few months, and I’ll likely explain why in another post. I’m a busy PHP Junior Developer now, and I’m also taking 3 online courses (offered in partnership with the Stanford University), as you’ve … Continue reading

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Apprentice coder books: Apprenticeship Patterns, by Hoover and Oshineye, O’Reilly, 2009

You are not alone. What I mean is, if you are sometimes feeling lost and overwhelmed in the world of Computer Science, programming, web development and the alike, you are not the only one feeling that way. The problem is … Continue reading

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A 5 rule checklist for web developer internship survival

Finally I’m an intern! A web developing intern! So I’m learning the web and the development on one hand, but also how to be an intern, the best one I can be. Basically, the story is that about a year … Continue reading

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Learning to learn to program

Learning to program is not easy. Learning to learn to program is even harder. It’s easy to start learning, but even easier to get lost along the way. I have just written my first comment on the Coding Horror blog … Continue reading

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I’ll blog at least once a week in 2011

“Real Artists Ship”. Steve Jobs may not be perfect, and no one is, but he’s right about that. I’ve been repeating that to myself, along with similar things like “a finished imperfect thing can be improved, an unfinished perfect thing … Continue reading

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