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Learning algorithms during lunch breaks for finding math in chaos :)

It’s never too late to learn algorithms, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s not going to happen overnight or over a single lunch break, but an hour here a weekend there and you might see progress. But where … Continue reading

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MIT 600 part 3a: Iteration, Successive Approximation and Exhaustive Enumeration

Computer programs calculate answers to all kinds of questions. How do they do it? It may look obvious or very mysterious, depending on whether you have already “entered” the logic of computer programming. Once you are in, it’s hard to … Continue reading

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MIT 600 part 2: variables are not boxes and healthy habits for programmers

Computer theory is a good way to relax. Computer theory containing sound thinking and healthy advice lets you relax at least two times – the first time as it clears your mind while you are studying. The second time when … Continue reading

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MIT 600 part 1: Mapping World to Something Computational

How do you start teaching/learning Computer Science and Programming? Is “Hello World” the right place to start? But what is computation? What is programming? Relax. It’s easier then it sounds. I’ll use the usual recipe metaphor to approach these questions. … Continue reading

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A word game programming exercise that helps bridge the gap between ‘Hello World’ and real applications

From “Hello world” to complex applications – the learning-to-code path is not obvious to a self-taught coder like me. Some books teach you about algorithms, others about syntax, some about best practices, and so on. There is the theory, and … Continue reading

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