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Django, CakePHP and CodeIgniter, part 4: the Model-View-Controller or Model-Template-View interactions

I’m back in the world of frameworks. So, I’m continuing the series, restarting from the very basics, and that would clearly be the model-view-controller pattern. This post is not a brilliant triple tutorial which explains in great synthesis everything you … Continue reading

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Computational models as life skill, the Bruce Schneier perspective

You have probably been running into the concept of the Model if you have anything to do with web development, or programming in general. We have our Model-View-Controller pattern, which I have mentioned when writing about web frameworks. But that’s … Continue reading

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Django, CakePHP and CodeIgniter, part 3: Models, data, relationships and foreign keys

I have written this post to annotate something I have been studying – which is how do I use Django, CakePHP and CodeIgniter to create database tables for my web application. This approach, especially the comparative aspect, has made it … Continue reading

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