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Frameworks part 2: server talks to framework – mod_php, mod_wsgi and friends

What happens behind the scenes when you unpack the web framework, like Django, CakePHP or CodeIgniter, which we did in this previous post, and you see the welcome message in your browser? How does the server get the framework to … Continue reading

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Atm-mi path-finder scraping script update (combining two scrapes)

I’ve upgraded my atm-mi interface-for-means-of-transportation-finder script. Now you can not only ask the best way to get from point A to point B in Milan, but you can also get the news about the lines you are advised to use … Continue reading

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No More Static Web Sites (learning from mistakes #1)

I’ve said it to my nephew, I can say it to myself as well: one must learn from one’s mistakes. And  in this case my mistake was to think that it makes sense to try to make a static website … Continue reading

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Milan’s public transport (atm-mi) path finder simplified interface, PHP script (one week scripting exercise n. 2)

I’ve written a script to create a simpler interface for Milan’s public transport (atm-mi) path finder web site. It took me a few days, and a lot of the time I was figuring out how to deal with exceptions (imprecise … Continue reading

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